Skyword Protects Your Privacy

After the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation and set a compliance date of May 25, 2018, Skyword began making updates and enhancements to comply with the privacy measures. The regulation is intended to protect the personal data of all EU residents but effectively extends to any online data.

Skyword adheres to the EU - U.S. Privacy Shield Framework Principles by taking the following measures.

  • Tracking Information Security: Skyword360 and tracking technology have been enhanced to protect user privacy. The logging of personally-identifying information such as cookies and IP addresses is done via one-way encryption, in accordance with the GDPR.
  • Anonymous Tracking: Skyword does not record or share personally-identifying information. As an added privacy measure, clients can request anonymous tracking for their channels. The Skyword Tracking Tag collects IP addresses and cookies of visitors who view published content that was created in Skyword360. With anonymous tracking enabled, the tracking tag removes the final octet of every IP address and a portion of every cookie it collects. With this data removed, Skyword can only identify a very general location of content visitors.

    Note: While this feature enhances data privacy, its use affects the accuracy of pageview data in a channel's Analysis pages because Skyword can no longer determine unique user sessions.

  • Tracking Tags: The Skyword Tracking Tag always honors the "Do Not Track" setting in users' browsers. (In Google Chrome, the privacy setting is "Send a 'Do Not Track' request with your browsing traffic.") When a site visitor with this setting enabled views content created in Skyword360, the tracking tag records the pageview but does not collect any IP or cookie data.
  • Cookie Use Confirmation: All users must accept the use of cookies as described in the Skyword Privacy Policy. This acceptance is valid for one year, and users give their consent by signing into the platform. Users are not prompted again within the year unless they delete their cookies.

  • Portfolio Tracking: All visitors to contributors' publicly available portfolio sites must acknowledge an alert that cookies are being used as per the Privacy Policy.

  • Contributor Information: Contributors who terminate employment with Skyword can request all personally-identifying information be removed from the system, with the exception of information required for tax and financial records.
  • Skyword Personalized Recommendations Information: Skyword handles personally-identifying information, such as IP Address and cookie values gathered for implementations of the Skyword Personalized Recommendations offering, with protections for customer privacy in accordance with the GDPR. As per regulation, Skyword retains the data tracked for personalized recommendations for only one year. Additionally, information is not gathered for users who have the "Do not track" option enabled in their browser settings.