Two-Factor Authentication

Two-step verification adds an extra layer of security to Skyword360 by requiring you to sign in using a password and a verification code that is sent to your mobile device. This feature drastically reduces the chances of an unauthorized individual gaining access to your Skyword account. To break into your account with two-step verification enabled, attackers would not only have to know your username and password, they would also need to have access to your mobile device.

Activating Two-Step Verification

When signing in to Skyword360 for the first time, you are prompted to activate two-factor authentication for your account. You must select and install an authenticator, then connect it to your Skyword account by entering codes in both. You won’t be able to do anything in the platform until you activate two-step verification.

Selecting an authenticator

To set up this verification method, you must connect a third-party authentication solution from your computer or personal device. Any supported authenticator you choose to install will supply a one-time use code on demand to complete your Skyword360 sign in. There are several free authenticators that work well with the platform.

  • Google Authenticator: An app that can be installed on any iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry mobile device. Must be reconfigured if you get a new device.
  • WinAuth Open Source Windows Authenticator: A Windows tool that must be installed on a PC and works with any browser.
  • Authy: A standalone app or Google Chrome browser extension. Allows you to back up your codes to the cloud and restore to a new device.
  • Two Factor Authenticator: A Mozilla Firefox browser add-on.

Note: Only one authentication device can be attached to your Skyword account.

Installing your authenticator software

Follow the installation instructions for the authenticator you have chosen. Open Google Play or App Store on your mobile device, or browse to a website containing the proper files. Download and install the software, then run it.

For Google Authenticator, find the app in the store on your device and install it.

For WinAuth, browse to the download site and click the link for the latest stable version: Unzip the download package and run the executable file to install the product.

For Authy, install the app from a store on your device, or open Chrome and click the Add to Chrome button on this overlay:

For Two Factor Authenticator, open Firefox and click the Add to Firefox button on this page:

Connecting your authenticator with your Skyword account

Every authenticator has a slightly different process for adding an account. The order of the steps below may be different for your authenticator.

In Your Authenticator:

  1. Launch your authenticator, and access the feature to add a new authentication account.
  2. Enter “Skyword” as the name for the new account.
  3. If the choice is available, select time-based authentication. Some authenticators offer a choice of “time-based” or “counter-based” authentication.
  4. If using Google Authenticator, you can select either manual entry or barcode scanning to enter a secret key for connection to Skyword.

In Skyword360:

  1. Open Skyword360 at and follow the verification instructions if prompted.

    If you are not prompted to complete verification settings or need to change an existing authenticator, sign in and use the <Person Icon>User Menu drop-down to navigate to the My Account page. In the Account Security section, click the Change Settings link. Enter your password to continue the process. Click the Move to a Different Device link.

  2. On the Setup Two-step Verification page next to the QR code image, click the Enter your secret key manually link to display the key.

  3. Copy the secret key.

In Your Authenticator:

  1. Paste or enter the key manually into your authenticator. Alternatively, for some authenticator apps you can scan the QR code with your device.
  2. Generate a verification code. This code has a time limit, so you must perform the next steps quickly.

In Skyword360:

  1. Click Next to move to the Verify Your Authenticator App step.
  2. Enter the code in the Verification Code field.
  3. Click Next.
  4. The platform displays a success message. On this page, you can also access and print emergency backup codes.
  5. Skyword360 sends you an email confirming that two-step verification has been activated.

Note: Skyword360 offers an SMS/text option for receiving verification codes directly from Skyword. This method is not recommended, however, as it is subject to your phone carrier's delivery speeds and text message rate charges. You can change your two-step verification settings, if necessary, from the My Account page.

Allowing a 30-day trust

You can tell the platform to trust your computer for 30 days. Skyword360 sends a cookie to your browser so you will not need to enter another verification code on this computer for 30 days.

Signing in with Two-Step Verification

After two-step verification has been activated for your account, you must enter a verification code when signing in to Skyword360. Find the current code in the authenticator app on your mobile device.

You can also check the Trust this computer for 30 days checkbox. When this checkbox is selected, Skyword360 remembers the computer, and you will not need to enter another verification code for 30 days.

After sign in, you can make changes to your two-step verification settings from the Account Security section of the My Account page.