Updated on 5/21/2019
Skyword Salesforce App Public Help

Collateral Search

When an organization installs the Skyword Salesforce App, its sales reps can search, view, and share the collateral maintained in Skyword360 from within Salesforce.

All collateral viewed and shared from Salesforce is tracked so that marketing staff can determine collateral engagement. The tracking includes emailed links that leads and contacts click to access.

Searching Skyword360 assets from Salesforce

  1. Access the Skyword app from within Salesforce.
  2. Click the Collateral Search tab at the top of the page.
  3. The default search results include the first 300 results from your Skyword360 asset library, with newest items listed first.
    Items display the Skyword360 content type, collateral title, and last update date.
  4. You can refine your search using filter fields located above the results.
    • Keyword: Type search keywords, and press Enter/Return to display only items containing your keyword in the following content metadata: title, description, tags, and collateral ID.
    • Persona: Select a persona from the drop-down menu to display content associated with that persona.
    • Stage: Select a stage from the drop-down menu to display content assigned to a specific buying stage.
    • Content Type: Select a type from the drop-down menu to display content created under that specific content type.
    • Audience: Select from the drop-down menu to filter on collateral by their intended audience. The system tracks collateral for internal company employees only and collateral that are available to share with external contacts. By selecting "Any," you get both internal and external collateral items in your results.
  5. In the results list, you can click an item to view it or its details.
    • To view the details of a collateral item, click a linked title.
      The details page provides a description, a preview, tags, related personas, and the ability to access the piece. Depending on the intended audience, you may also copy the title and URL to your clipboard.
    • To access the collateral file in Skyword360 or the URL of a published item, click the View link to access.
  6. You may share collateral that is intended for external audiences. You cannot share items that are labeled as Internal Only.
    • From the search results, check one or more checkboxes available on collateral intended for external contacts, then click the Copy Selection button.
    • From a details page, click the Copy to clipboard button.
    The app places the selected titles and URLs in your device's clipboard so you can paste the information into documents or emails.